Welcome to Nordic Logistics OÜ website

We are happy to offer you broad specter of shipping services at the reasonable price. Wherever you need to ship your cargo - we are always there to discuss all possible options and to find the one that is the best for you!

At the moment we are focused on providing road transportation services, as about 2/3 of all cargos in Europe are being delivered this way. Road transport is considered to be the most convenient way of international shipping because it is not tied to any ports or railroad hubs. This means that it is very flexible in planning the route and delivering cargo directly to destination point. Among other benefits of road transport there are: relatively prompt cargo delivery, ability to control freight in transit and the best price to delivery time ratio.

Our company works in three main directions - Nordic countries, Europe + UK and Russia + CIS. Please click on the appropriate link below in order to receive detailed information about particular direction.

Nordic countries

Shipping Nordic countries

Nordic countries are Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. These are countries with severe weather and their own traits of shipping cargos. This is the principal direction for our company.

Europe and United Kingdom

Shipping Europe

From the frontiers of Poland to the shores of Great Britain, from Netherlands to Greece - "old" Europe provides the network of splendid roads and convenient solutions for freight transportation.

Russia and CIS countries

Shipping Russia

Russia and CIS countries are distinct segment in the freight transportation area. Regardless of variety of problems inherent to this direction, it remains very popular.

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